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OEM Brands

You have a project, label, brand or recipe to develop, and you need assistance? Or you would like us to help develop the whole project for you?

With our broad field experiences in the foodstuffs and beverages, etc, it is our pleasure to assist you in this long and exciting process of creation. We will be delighted to assist you, as you purchase, sell, plan and grow your business, in the local and worldwide markets.

Our mission at Nutrisource is to provide you the best information and service available in today’s market. We specialise in bulk products and building private labels for canned or processed foodstuffs, juices. We also provide assistance in new product development, canning, packing, and bottling facilities, technical advices, products samples etc. We are recognized internationally for the reliability of our information. We monitor and follow up closely on the production process and we ensure strict quality control from the raw materials process through the packaging to the finished products.